Dobson Transport makes use of the following type of vehicles on daily basis:

(All vehicles are in perfect running order, maintained and serviced regularly to ensure that they are ready to work at all times.)

Super Link:

This vehicle has a carrying capacity of up to 34 tons. Trailer types include flat beds, drop sides and taut-liners. These are made up of 2 trailers which are usually 1 x 6m and 1 x 12m. The majority of the flat bed vehicles  are fitted with twist locks so that the container can be loaded when required.


This vehicle has a carrying capacity of around 28 - 30 tons, which is the legal permissible mass to the natal area. These trailers range between 12m - 15m in length. Once again this comes fitted with twists, locks and can be drop sided.

Other Vehicle Types:

  • Double axle - maximum load of 22 tons (12m trailer)
  • 10 tonner, 8 tonner and 6 tonner.

Vehicle Equipment and GIT Insurance:

All trucks are equipped with satellite tracking and all drivers have cell phones. All trucks are kitted out with tarps, corner plates, nets, straps and chains. We are registered on the navis system enabling us to load from all major ports in South Africa. We have goods in transit insurance which is set at R750000 per load.

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